New Year, New… Us???


As one year rolls tumbling into another we tend to afford ourselves; or at least one hopes you do, a little time for reflection before the carnage and the melee of our daily lives and hectic existence bears down upon us.

When I think back on this past year and contemplate how the society has contrived to assuage the changes and the challenges; both internally and externally as presented us, I can’t help but feel that wherever we could we bested these. It has been both a learning curve and a rewarding use of trial-and-error to establish our “best fit” as it were.

This past year inclusive of the reenactment season amidst the positives of behind the scenes workings, revisiting old stomping grounds, working once more with old friends and the sorely needed completion of outstanding projects. The Society was tinged with the sadness of interring respected friend Colin Adams of the Crown Forces.   

The Society will endeavour to continue with the article releases and regular blog posts to entertain our followers, we have some ideas; certainly some exciting projects waiting in the wings and confirmed bookings that will go some way to making this a good year to come and visit our displays. As per usual we will promote these on our social media accounts to keep you all up to speed.

We look forward to working with, edifying and entertaining clients and their patrons old and new in 2019 and will SEE YOU THERE!

Wayne Mitchell, Society of King George the Third

God Save the King!