Plymouth, Devon

And so the season started with a bang – several if we’re honest! All well received across 6 smaller drill and firing displays over the two days. To the fore was that age old British curiosity; a penchant for discussing the weather. The miseries foretold of by our meteorological doomsayers were by all accounts unfounded as the gods smiled upon us and delivered us a very pleasant, mostly sunny weekend.  

The public, in part drawn out by the balmy weather were in high spirits and turned out ‘en masse’; a swathe of be costumed revellers, abound for family fun in the sunny Barbican area of Plymouth.

Working alongside friends new and old we were pleased to receive such positive feedback from the public and our peers finding the conversation and questions engaging. 

Our displays, fronted by Mr Midshipman Mills and delivered with aplomb and gusto involved musketry and demonstration of the carriage-mounted swivel; a replica of Captain Cook’s. For a brief interlude immediately following this it would be safe to say nobody was hassled by any maddened gulls!

At our encampment there were regular talks delivered by Mr Radford of the thankless and often gory subject of surgery of the period which enthralled and drew ample crowds with piqued interests and more than a question or two of the gruesome nature of human butchery.

We would like to extend a big thank you once again to the events team at Plymouth City Council, the team at One Plymouth, the hospitality of the local traders and the well wishers of our weekend audience.

We include with kind permission photos by Calvin Bedford and One Plymouth in addition to our own.   


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