Update: Covid-19

I’m sure to a man we’ve heard of the US acuity measurement described as 20/20 vision? Even here in the UK most of us accept this description of standardised/normal vision being 20/20* as we hear it used time and time again via various US derived media sources.

However the year 2020 has been; thus far, anything BUT normal – anything BUT standard and we find ourselves living in very interesting times! Most importantly it is up to all of us to be responsible and stay safe. 

To that end I think it goes without saying that we have been informed by several of our sites that our events have been cancelled or postponed. We suspect this might extend quite late into the year and so are prepared that we may not get to entertain you at all this season. 

Of course we don’t want to take any risks when it comes to our members or our clients specifically as our displays/portrayals tend to lend themselves to a close, tactile experience. 

We will aim to keep you informed as to when/if this season resumes and in the interim will try and devise some ways to entertain you from a distance!

Wayne Mitchell, Society of King George the Third

God Save the King!


*I believe I may be correct in saying the applicable standard in the UK is known as 6/6.